Jasmine Infused Gin

jasmine 1

Let me introduce you to my favourite drink in the whole wide world! Everyone – Gin, Gin – Everyone. Now that’s out of the way let’s discuss this little concoction. Now for me I don’t think there’s anything better than a cold gin and tonic with plenty of lemon on a sunny evening after a hard day at work.

I went off gin for a little while after university for reasons I’m sure many of you will understand and I’m willing to bet most people have a drink they can simply no longer look at. However I have seen the light… or maybe it’s just the approach of middle aged womanhood calling (cue melodramatic declarations and crying on the stairs etc) I don’t know. We seem to be developing a bit of a gin collection, which I’ve taken to adding to by creating my own concoctions – something J is very sceptical about as it involves trying new things which is obviously unacceptable.

jasmine 3

This one is my favourite, I’ve had jasmine pearls lying around untouched since I bought them on a whim in a tiny tea shop in New Delhi. I love the smell of jasmine and I do enjoy a jasmine tea on occasion but I’m afraid I’m a coffee drinker on a day to day basis and so they have been gathering dust with my piles of other barely touched teas.

Now this really isn’t even a recipe, it’s more of a… muddling. But it is delicious. A double measure of this over plenty of ice, tonic and a spring of rosemary (controversial but it works!) and you’ll feel like your sat in your garden on a hot sunny day!

It’s great to have around if your into cocktails too. It makes a lovely jasmine gin fizz and would add a lovely floral note to a martini. But for me I like to keep it clean and just have it as that traditional G&T with a twist!

Jasmine Infused Gin

I used jasmine pearls, however obviously not everyone has such things lying around! – feel free to substitute for the same quantity of loose jasmine tea.

2 Tbl Spoon Jasmine Pearls

300ml Beefeater (or your favourite gin!)

jasmine 2

Stir your jasmine pearls with the gin and leave to stand, stirring occasionally for two hours

Don’t allow it to stand for anymore than this or it will get that bitter over brewed tea flavour. Just dip your figure in and taste it – you should be able to taste the jasmine as a subtle back note.

Drain and discard the jasmine pearls, decant the gin into a bottle and use in many a gin cocktail!


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