Pink Grapefruit and Pomegranate Marmalade


Jam making has been something I’ve really got into this year. There’s something so special about that sense of capturing the essence of a season or a moment in time. When you open that jar months down the line that concentrated flavour just takes you straight back to the time It was made and what you were doing.  This marmalade is the latest in my jam experiments, where we are currently on batch seven, with eight already lined up and no signs of stopping on the horizon. I love how when they are lined up the shelf, batch by batch, you can track the changing of the seasons and the produce that comes with it. Starting with raspberry and peach, moving along to strawberry balsamic, then blueberry rhubarb and maple. Now we’re getting to those more autumnal fruits with the appearance of pomegranates and the promise of pears in the near future. There’s something so satisfying and rewarding about seeing them all lined up ready to go, the promise of warm crumpets with a hint of summer on a cold winters morning.


But before we get too lyrical lets get back to where it’s really at which is this pink grapefruit and pomegranate marmalade. Now I don’t like to play favourites with my jams but if I were to whisper a little I might hint that this is up there as one of my favourites. It’s the pink grapefruit that’s the real hero here, deliciously sweet with just that tantalizing hint of tartness. The pomegranate isn’t obvious, it’s more of a fruity background note that just makes everything tastIMG_0519e a little more complex. It’s not particularly firm set, in fact it’s on the runny side, which personally I like. But if you’re a stickler for a well set marmalade you could certainty up the pectin for a firmer set or add the juice of a lemon just to help it along. *I juiced my own pomegranates here so although I’ve put 3 as a guide amount, as it’s based on the juice you may need more of less depending on how juicy your pomegranates are. You could also use a good quality non sweetened commercially available juice if you were so inclined (I promise not to tell!).

Just a note on my cute little labels – I got them on Etsy from this lovely seller. I love them! They are so sweet I’ve been putting them on everything!

PGNP jamPGNP Jam 2

Pink Grapefruit and Pomegranate Marmalade (Adapted from Simply Bites)

Makes about 4 large jars)

4 Pink Grapefruit (I used Star Ruby)-  Washed and dried

*3 Pomegranates – Juiced to make 250ml of liquid

250ml Water

1 1.75oz Package Powdered Pectin

2 lb Granulated Sugar

Use a speed peeler to remove the peel of 3 of grapefruit in strips without too much pith or white attached to it. Slice into thin, small strips and put in a small saucepan along with the water. Bring to a boil then reduce the heat and simmer, covered, for 20 minutes. Remove from the heat and set aside.


Remove and discard all the pith from the grapefruit. Then segment each one, discarding all the connecting membranes and skin and chop each segment into small pieces. It’s best to do this over a large bowl as if your grapefruit are anything like mine A LOT of juice will come out of them, which you want to keep.

Add the grapefruit to a large saucepan, along with all their juices, the peel and it’s liquid and the pomegranate juice. Bring to a boil then simmer of 5 minutes. Mix together the sugar and pectin and add this in a steady stream, stirring constantly to dissolve the sugar. Get you sugar thermometer in there and bring it back up to a boil. Boil to 104C (setting point) skimming any scummy foam off the top as it appears.

Once it reaches 104C remove from the heat and allow to stand for 10 minutes – stirring occasionally so the peel distributes it’s self evenly. Then decant into warm sterilised jars, get the lids on tight then stand in a water bath for ten minutes to seal. Allow to stand for a week before opening… though I’ll admit I cracked into my first jar after 6 days as I just couldn’t wait any longer but lets keep that juts between us!

Blog Love:

I’d like to share a little blog love this week. I draw inspiration nearly every day from blogs all over the world. These are a few picks that have gone straight in my MUST MAKE pile and I hope they will go in yours!

These Pretzels from The Ruby Red Apron look incredible! Dying to try them!

These Banana Waffles from Honey&Figs reminded me a little of my banana hazelnut cake last week, which I’m now missing and thinking these waffles could defo fill the banana chocolate hole in my life!

I think my jaw dropped (and I may have drooled a little) when I saw this White Chocolate and Butterscotch Sunflower Seed Butter from Averie Cooks

I’m thinking these Asian Green Beans are the perfect solution to my glut of green beans! I have actual piles of them at the moment! From Edible Things



18 thoughts on “Pink Grapefruit and Pomegranate Marmalade

  1. I have just opened my jar of Black Kitchen Marmalade after (reluctantly) letting it rest for a week and it is beautiful! Lovely on a crumpet.

  2. Looks amazing – I will be trying this without a doubt. I made plum jam this week but I am not sure how well it has worked. What is powdered pectin and what does it do to the jam? Do you think it is something I would find in a supermarket or would I need to go somewhere more specialised? Thanks for sharing x

    • It’s seriously good! Pectin is the setting agent, it’s just the powdered version of what jam sugar has in it.. You can get it in the supermarket easy enough if your UK based! Look next to jam sugar, to be honest you could probs get away with jam sugar! Loving the jam making this year! Haven’t done a plum one though. Let me know how it goes if you make it!

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  5. I washed my face with Pink Grapefruit face wash this morning…. and I’m sitting here drinking an Izze Sparkling Grapefruit soda type drink….and did my dishes last night with grapefruit scented dish soap… are you getting a theme here?? 🙂 I LOVE grapefruit.
    This recipe just made me very VERY happy. I mean, there is no doubt that I’m going to the store tonight, buying the grapefruit and probably pomegranate juice and pectin.. and making this. I’m afraid that I will be on a grapefruit type of high tonight, and I’m totally ok with that. 🙂
    This is AWESOME. Thank you for sharing this!

      • Claire… I just made the grapefruit marmalade… You totally rocked this recipe out!! It is amazing. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just need to keep the one jar out right now, because it looks as if I’m going to be eating it right out of the jar until it’s gone. I told you I’d be on a grapefruit high, and I remain true to my word!

        This recipe is a keeper. Thank you so much for sharing! I think you’re my new best friend.. ❤

  6. Thank you so much for the link. I hope that you made and enjoyed the beans.

    I’m so sorry to get back to you so late. Unfortunately, blog life had to be put aside recently for real life, but it was a lovely way to come back.

    I wish you a very merry Christmas, and all other winter festivals. Here’s to a better New Year!

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