Apple and Cinnamon Butter


I have a week off work this week. It’s a delicious feeling, no obligations, nowhere I have to be. All the time in the world to sit around drinking coffee, catching up on rubbish TV I’m not allowed to watch when J’s in and of course cooking.

There’s currently a big mug of coffee on the table, a cat on my knee and the new series of Dracula on the TV. I’ve got half a Pear and Ginger Galette in the fridge calling my name as well as a big pan of apple and cinnamon butter blipping away in the oven promising future deliciousness! Life is good!


We are however off to London in a few days so there is a bit of a time limit on my laziness. J and I travel quite a lot but I must admit we’ve spent very little time in the capital. It tends to loose out to the romance and culture of European cities. But we’ve booked a cute little apartment in Camden, my favourite part of London and have a full itinerary organised, of course with a lot of focus on food 🙂 The things I’m most excited about are visiting Ottolenghi’s new restaurant Nopi, which I cannot wait for! And of course what trip to London for a foodie would be complete without a trip around Borough Market! So watch this space for a trip update, plus any other suggestions and recommendations are welcome.


So this fruit butter – imagine Autumn in jar and your there! In J’s word it tastes like apple pie which it seriously does – A really intense concentrated apple pie deliciousness that you can spread on your toast at any time of year. It’s also really versatile, it’s great mixed with yogurt for a quick dessert or use it as a filling for pastries or cinnamon buns. It would be amazing as a autumnal cake filling paired with hazelnuts or chestnuts and I’ve already got ideas for some kind of jam tart with it.

It’s also seriously easy to make. The most time consuming bit is the peeling and coring the apples, once you’ve done that the oven does all the rest until jarring time. You could also scale the recipe up or down as much as you wanted depending on how many apples you have.

Recipe adapted from Baked by Rachel

Apple and Cinnamon Butter:

10 Cooking Apples – Peeled, cored and diced

150g Light Brown Sugar

2 Tsp Cinnamon


Oven 150C/ 300F/ Gas 2

Toss the peeled, cored and diced apples with the sugar and cinnamon. Tip them  into a large cast iron casserole dish and put the lid on. Put in the oven stirring occasionally for 3 hours, the apples should  have totally broken down.

Puree the apples with a hand blender until totally smooth and put back in the oven for 1.5 hours, again stirring occasionally. It should thicken slightly to the point when if you take some on a spoon and tip it won’t fall off immediately.

Boil your jars and lids for 5 minutes in a large saucepan to sterilise them and set aside on a clean tea towel until needed. Tip your apple butter into a large jug and pour into each sterile jar. Seal tightly and set in a boiling water bath – the water should be at least two thirds up the jars. Boil for 10 minutes. Once sealed the apple butter will keep for a year.

*Note – You can also make this in a slow cooker but you will need to double the cooking time with both lid on and off


18 thoughts on “Apple and Cinnamon Butter

  1. Lucky Ducky!! A whole week off… that’s wonderful! The apple and cinnamon butter sounds absolutely fabulous. I have a few apples at home, was looking at them last night trying to decide what to do with them. Now I know what to do with them. 🙂 Have a lovely time in London…I hope you share some photos. 🙂

    • Thanks! It’s defo worth making if you’ve got some apples going spare! Sadly I have Actually brought a jar with me to have for breakfasts while here! Will post some pics 🙂 thanks for reading as always

  2. This sounds lovely – will definitely be trying it. I am planning to start watching Dracula when I have a spare moment, what did you think of it? I am pretty confident I will like it as it is about a vampire and that is usually a guarantee for me to enjoy something….in case anyone hadn’t worked that out from the title of my blog! Thanks for sharing another fab recipe.

  3. Oh my goodness – sounds like heaven! And I love the idea for the jam tart sort of thing. Have a great time in London, Camden is one of my favourite parts too, so relaxed and unique. And borough market is a must, of course! I love going there around Christmas time 🙂

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