Foodie Penpals November


Well I have finally received my first foodie penpals parcel! It’s only took two months to get one 🙂 And it was worth the wait! Was so exciting to open up my box and see all the goodies nestled inside! My foodie penpal this month was from Claire over at Clairey Fairy’s Cooking  – I would like to thank her for being an amazing pen pals – always keeping in contact and for sending me a really thoughtful box! I was beginning to feel a bit disillusioned with the whole scheme as I seem to have had nothing but problems with it, but she’s really made me get enthusiastic about it again!

Here’s what she sent me:

Double Chocolate and Hazelnut Biscotti – These barely made it out of work, they were practically devoured the moment the box was open!

Garlic Dipping Crackers – Haven’t tried this yet but thinking next movie night!

BBQ Corn Nuts – I’d never tried these before but they were so yummy – kind of a cross between popcorn and spicy nuts – perfect as a bar snack with a pint!

Cocoa Amore Dark Chocolate with berries and cocoa nibs – This is so good – really dark and richly decadent 🙂 This has been hidden for an occasional treat.

Prickly Pear Jam – This is delicious – Very Subtle in flavour but smothered on hot toast seriously good!

Pimenton de Dulce – Paprika is one of my favourite spices so this will defo be heading for a goulash or similar very soon

Kenilworth Castle Tea – I haven’t tried this yet but having been to Sri Lanka I know just how good their tea is! Looking forward to it.


So that was my box for November! If you wanted to join in with the fun head over to This is Rock Salt to join up!


On another note I’d like to apologise for the lack of recent posts! I was supposed to be posting a chocolate and salted caramel sandwich cookies but I just wasn’t totally happy with the recipe and want to work on it a bit more before sharing it rather than posting for the sake of it.

There’s some delicious fail safe recipes coming up in the next week though so I won’t keep you hanging too long promise 🙂


14 thoughts on “Foodie Penpals November

  1. This looks amazing! The jam sounds just gorgeous. I’m looking forward to those caramel creations, they sound delish…I’m so glad you’re holding off posting though, it’s just not worth putting up a recipe you’re not happy with!

    • The Jam is sooo good. Love having new jam to add to my collection 🙂 Yea I kind of decided I’d rather not post than put something on I’m not happy with! I’ll be working on it though!

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