The Black Cat Kitchen is currently a galley kitchen in a smallish town in North East England, stuffed to the rafters with gadgets, pans and every other type of kitchen paraphernalia it’s possible to own!

I have been cooking ever since moving in with the boyfriend and our two cats Cocoa and Bella. During that time it has become my passion, taking up a fairly large portion of my waking life!

Joe, my boyfriend is my current taste tester and while I greatly appreciate his tolerance (and wonderful kitchen cleaning abilities) his foodie opinions tend to range from ‘alright’ (meaning great) to ‘different’ (meaning do NOT make this again). I thought it was time to take my cooking to a wider audience and see what others think…

I try to take inspiration from travel, local markets and restaurants and of course other food blogs! I love to see unusual combinations that get you thinking and techniques I’ve never heard of which guarantee to send me scuttling to the kitchen.

Pretty, delicate cooking is not my strong suite – TBCK is all about good honest food that tastes great and uses good quality ingredients, food you can eat and enjoy everyday. I love using spice, I have a weakness for cheese and a good dessert. Also I’ve recently been exploring the exciting world of preserving so these are all things that will pop up on a regular basis.

Thank You to anyone who takes the time to stop and read and I would love any input or comments you can offer



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13 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog looks great – I will definitely be using some of your recipes. I also use my other half as taste tester and nominated dish washer! I love cats but in our small flat we cannot have pets, your two sound lovely though and I particularly like the name Bella. Will look forward to seeing more of your posts.

    • Thank you! I think you need a good taste tester and someone to clean up after you. I don’t think I could do it if I had to clean up after myself! Let me know if you make any how they go!

  2. Haha! “The Boy” that I talk about in my blog is a Yorkshire man as well – his responses to my cooking are pretty much the same as your Joe’s!! I laughed when reading your descriptions because of the similarities!

    • Presentation isn’t my strong suit either! Defo bigger on flavour less on looks on my house! I know I’d love to do all that amazing cake decorating etc as well but just not enough patience!

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